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YYOPTO Service


At  YYOPTO Co.,Ltd  we provide a full range of services to customers that supply solar panels from Fctory.


Established in 2010, in the constantly changing world of the Photovoltaic industry, Zhejiang YYOPT made its way upstream, broke through barriers and has stand out from the crowd. Its’predecessor ZheJiang RDMSOLAR was founded in 2010 and specialized in the production and development of solar module, solar power system and lighting system etc. After years of practice and operation, it has accumulated a wealth of experience.


Thanks to its previous solid foundation, YYOPTO is able to grow rapidly in research and development, as well as production scale and marketing. It keeps pace with new innovation and technology in the photovoltaic industry. Footing in China while embracing the world market, YYOPTO has improved continuously. Now it designs and develops various advanced practical solar modules, solar power stations and solar power generating systems. YYOPTO is dedicated to offer high quality products and excellent service to all the customers at home and abroad in good faith


To keep our earth clean and green, and make our lives better, ZheJiang YYOPTO is obligated to play a significant role in solar energy field in the world.


We support our customer needs at every stage through: Sourcing, Samples, Quality Control, Certification, Packaging, Warehousing, Consolidation, Delivery and After-sales





Title:              Research & Development


Introduction:  At the YYOPTO Co.Ltd. Research & Development is a key part of what we do, and                                             what we offer to our clients...

                     New products often success because of  we familiar with solar related areas, Failures also occur                         because companies miscalculate their own technological strengths or the product's technological                         challenges. These potential problems often crop up in the latter stages and result in expense                               overruns caused by delays, redesigns, or poor quality products.

                    Over the years, the YYOPTO has brought many new products to market for both YYOPTO and our                       customers , product development, product improvement or product enhancements our team                                 understands all aspects of New Product Development including the constant need for analysis on                         manufacturing cost, profitability and commercial success.

                    Overseen by our Commercial Director & headed up by the Design Director,YYOPTO has a                                   dedicated team of Design Engineers that work directly with the Factory Engineers to develop your                         custom or turn key product needs.

                     If you have any questions or need our expertise on New Product Development, please don't                                 hesitate to contact our team for further assistance. We look forward to working with you.




Title:                Quality Control


Introduction:  At the YYOPTO, we hold our suppliers to a higher level of expectation. 

Before We Recommend Suppliers To Our Customers:
All YYOPTO suppliers are firstly qualified by a member of our YYOPTO Supply Team , secondly they are inspected & assessed by members of our Quality Control Team and thirdly they are verified only by a Senior QC Manager.  A factory audit will then be made available to our customers upon request.

All Key Suppliers of YYOPTO have routine inspections to ensure they are in compliance with the standards set in place during the original Supplier Assessment Inspection. 

Production Inspection Process:
Our YYOPTO service includes regular and thorough inspections throughout the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to employ additional quality control inspectors.

- Raw material before any production begins
- Pre-production samples to ensure specifications are being met
- In-process to confirm that standards are maintained
- Pre-shipping to ensure that the product arrives to the customer exactly as expected and is packaged correctly to prevent any damage in transit.




Title:                Certification


Introduction:    Should your SOLAR PANEL require testing and certification to comply with international standards (TUV,UL,INMETRO,CEC,IEC etc.), we can arrange this with independent, fully recognized testing companies such as SGS, Intertec, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register or the testing company of your choice




Title:                  Packaging


Introduction:    Whether the product is destined for a shelf in store, to be sent to customers by mail order or to be warehouse stored prior to use, one of the main concerns of buyers from China is 'Will the packaging be suitable to my product?'  Here at yyopto, we understand that the packaging is as important, and in some cases even more so, than the product itself.  Without packaging, Cadburys and Nestle could never sell an Easter egg!

For retail -Free fumigation wooden box...whatever your products need to ensure that Wow factor in store, we can help.

Our in-house designers, given your company brand guidelines, can design packaging from a simple brief.  Depending on product we can show you images of 'how it CAN look in store' using a variety of vehicles, both individually and as a promotional stand, pallet and carton.  Tell us what you want, we'll show you what we can do.

Rest assured, your products will arrive with you, and then with your customers, exactly as they should.